CEETO Pilot Area Teasers are online!

November 29th 2018 – The teasers are a video-presentation of the main features, touristic offer and challenges regarding tourism management of the CEETO project’s selected Protected Areas.

At the same time that CEETO Interreg Central Europe released the film “A Sustainable Journey”, one of the foremost dissemination outputs of the project that aims to foster sustainable tourism, the Teasers of CEETO Pilot Protected Areas were also aired online.

These video-presentations have been produced by each of the CEETO partner institutions representing one or more of the project’s 8 Pilot Areas in collaboration with EUROPARC Federation. The objective of the Teasers is to introduce the main features and touristic offer that the Protected Areas have and their foremost challenges for tourism management that they will tackle through the CEETO project implementation.


Interview included in one of the CEETO Pilot Area Teasers - Photo by EUROPARC Federation

The Teasers will be distributed online in order to promote these Protected Areas and the project itself, and they will be presented by each CEETO partner institution in the dedicated events that the Parks will celebrate in order to raise awareness among visitors and local communities on the importance of managing tourism sustainably.

The Pilot Area of CEETO project have been selected by each project’s partner institution to be used as a laboratory for the implementation of the CEETO Sustainable Tourism Management Action Plans. These Plans, aiming at improving the protection and sustainable use of natural resources and heritage, will be finalized and monitored within the project.

Below, you can find a compilation of CEETO Pilot Areas dedicated pages for each of the 8 Protected Areas involved in the project, together with the Pilot Area Teasers.

Regional Park of the Po Delta                       

Regional Park of Po Delta Teaser

Alto Appennino Modenese Regional Park

Alto Appennino Modenese Regional Park Teaser

Appennino Tosco Emiliano National Park

Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park Teaser

Sölktäler Nature Park                                     

Soelktaeler Nature Park Teaser

UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Salzburger Lungau 

MAB Salzburger Lungau Teaser

UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Southeast Rügen    

MAB Southeast Ruegen Teaser

Nature Park Medvednica                                            

Nature Park Medvednica Teaser

Strunjan Landscape Park                                            

Landscape Park Strunjan Teaser

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