Reports on Media Releases

A collection of media releases concerning CEETO project, and sustainable tourism management in Protected Areas of Europe.

During the implementation of CEETO project, a high amount of news articles and publications have been released in digital media in through newspapers, magazines, webs and other channels. In order to measure the impact of those media releases, together with other interesting news articles concerning sustainable tourism in protected areas, we have carried out a regular automated search of those articles and collected them into the reports you can find below.

How we collect media releases?

The collection of the media releases that appear in these reports is carried out through a specific software that seeks matches based on a set of keywords defined by us. These keywords have been meticulously selected and translated by CEETO project partners in order to adapt the search to different languages and territories, so the complete extension of Europe with emphasis in the project participating countries was covered.

However, a backdraw of this method is the possibility to collect media releases that match a certain keyword, but that do not match the context of our search (in example, ceeto may be a brand not related with the context of this projec but a publication about it may still appear in our search). For this reason it is important to bear in mind that some of the articles contained in these reports may not fit in the context of this project.