The CEETO Network of Protected Areas for sustainable tourism has been recently established

The newly established CEETO Network of protected areas was agreed last March in Budapest during the 1st CEETO technical meeting and it offers a space to protected area proffessionals for collaboration with a focus on sustainable tourism.

Earlier this month in Budapest, during the meeting of partners who jointly implement the project ˝Central Europe Eco-Tourism: tools for nature protection - CEETO, the CEETO Network was officially established under the initiative of WWF Adria. It is a platform which will enable collaboration and networking of professionals and protected areas in Central Europe with the aim of sharing knowledge and practices in the development, implementation and promotion of sustainable tourism management policies.

Within protected areas and Natura 2000 sites involved in the CEETO project, tourism was recognised as the most effective tool for valorisation and conservation of natural heritage, as well as for achieving well-being of local communities. Each protected area has specific problems and challenges they face when planning and managing tourist visits. Therefore, this project seeks to identify and develop appropriate and sustainable models for tourism management and tools for monitoring of its impact on nature in these areas. The CEETO network will enable protected areas and Natura 2000 sites to effectively exchange experiences and practices learned during the implementation of their pilot actions and to share them with all stakeholders at local, national and international level.

CEETO network workshop

CEETO network workshop - Photo by WWF Adria

A collaborative approach to planning and addressing challenges is ensured through a diverse composition of the network involving representatives of relevant ministries, regional and local public authorities, protected areas managers, development agencies and nature protection non-governmental organizations, i.e. all project partners and associated partners. After the completion of CEETO project, the network will ensure sustainability of project results and become the instrument of future networking among protected areas and other stakeholders throughout Central Europe and beyond, by upgrading of experience and best practices and developing joint initiatives and projects.