CEETO project presented at the “Protected Areas In-Sight 2018" journal

The Protected Areas In-Sight is the anual journal of EUROPARC Federation that compiles up-to-date information on different topics realated to Protected Areas in Europe. This journal is distributed to EUROPARC members and available online for the general public.

The CEETO project and its main actvities are presented in the journal Protected Areas In-Sight (PA In-sight), produced annually by the EUROPARC Federation. In particular, 5 pages of the PA In-sight 2018 are dedicated to CEETO, with a general introduction of the project, a section describing the promotional film on Sustainable Tourism, and with insights on how to build community-based Sustainable Tourism Action Plans for Protected Areas (8 Pilot Areas in 5 countries are actively involved in CEETO, by testing innovative methodologies).

Regarding the film A Sustainable Journeyproduced by EUROPARC, it aims to show that Sustainable Tourism is a state of mind, a conscious choice to work, live and to be on holiday in a different way. It tells the story of an ordinary traveller, who seeks to escape the pressures of everyday life to a different kind of tourism that it is believed to be good for the nature and good for the people. Taking a holiday has become less of a treat but a necessity for most people, to rest, relax, reinvigorate, away from the everyday stresses. At the same time, we all need to be more conscious of the need to care for and appreciate our natural environment. We can enjoy our holiday and be responsible and caring towards nature and the culture of our chosen destination.

CEETO article on Protected Areas In-Sight

CEETO article on Protected Areas In-Sight - EUROPARC Federation

Regarding the building process of Sustainable Tourism Plans in Protected Areas , it is an activity that is coordinated by FEDERPARCHI within CEETO project. Each of the 8 pilot areas is implementing an innovative governance system for tourism based on a participatory planning approach, which involves bodies at both policymaking and protected area management levels. The participatory planning approach, which often takes the form of a Forum on sustainable tourism, is designed to establish effective participation and engagement of public and private actors: this can be a quite challenging process and requires special skills and knowledge. Despite seen as time consuming activities, not just for those managing the processes but also for the stakeholders involved, as they have to take time-out from their regular activities to voluntarily join in the meetings, participatory planning processes enable a favorable discussion context and contribute for the convergence of different interests. The article provides specific insights on how to build community-based Action Plans. 

Protected Areas In-Sight journal

Protected Areas In-Sight journal - EUROPARC Federation

Finally, within the 2018 edition of the PA In-Sight,  you can read and find more information on the launch of the Youth Manifesto explaining how European Parks can be inspired by the next Generation. In fact, in a society increasingly driven by technology and geared towards rapid progress, Protected Areas offer a particularly valuable balance for young people (and the rest of us), to slow down, discover, think and become actively involved in nature. In return, our Protected Areas can benefit greatly from their creative energy, unconventional thinking and understanding of the younger generation’s needs: young people have a vital role to play in caring for Europe’s natural heritage!  

The journal "Protected Areass In-Sight", which contains much more information, is available to download in English , German  and French.