StartKRKup - startup's week in Krakow

This is the fourth edition of the Festival. Within seven days open workshops, panels, trainings and networking meetings will take place throughout the city. Their goal is to promote startups, help them develop and build a startup environment.

Saturday, October 20

B1 Association, CERIecon Playpark  
Consultation point

Placy: CERIecon Playpark Krakow, Os. Centrum B7
Time: 10.00 - 18.00

CERIecon Playpark jako szansa dla startupów
Description: presentation of the CERIecon Playpark project, information on previous events and the role of the program in the promotion of startups. Presentation of the tasks and potential of the Krakow Playpark.
Place: CERIecon Playpark Krakow, Os. Centrum B7
Time of beginning: 14.00