First Policy Learning Lab sessions

Events for policy-relevant stakeholders 

Professional work started in CEUP 2030 project with gaining technology good practice use cases which can be used for dissemination and further exploration through the Policy Learning Lab (PLL) events. PLLs will be organized in order to train and empower policy-relevant stakeholders on the CAMI4.0 Topics[1], to generate sufficient knowledge exchange to support policy making. 

Main goals of the events are to

  • enhance the capacities (skills, knowledge, capabilities…) of CAMI4.0 stakeholders;
  • enable adequate mind-sets for improving innovation and mutual learning within CEUP 2030;
  • introduce complex technologies to the participating stakeholders in order to have a better context for future decisions;
  • provide a platform for knowledge exchange regarding current developments and approaches towards challenges regarding the CAMI4.0 technologies.

The first round of PLL establishes the connection of policy makers and stakeholders of CEUP 2030, while the second round of the workshops should create a dialogue on regional or national policy support (RIS3 alignment) and discuss the dissemination of technology good practices.

20 regional/national and 4 transnational events will be held until February 2021 in the partner regions.

[1] CE Advanced Manufacturing/Industry 4.0 (CAMI4.0) topics are: Big & Real Data Processing & Sensors; Automation & Robotics; New Materials; Artificial Intelligence