Be closer to Polish customers. Be closer to Polish Industry 4.0. Be closer to implementation. Join KPT ScaleUP.

If you are developing an industrial solution and looking for customers in Poland – the KPT ScaleUp accelerator is right for you.

We create favorable conditions to support foreign startups that want to expand their business into the Polish market. 

"We are looking for companies that want to develop Industry 4.0 based on such technologies as IIoT, VR, AR, AI, big data and others helping to digitalize business processes. Such products and services are awaited by Polish plants or factories which seriously think about strengthening their market position" - points out Małgorzata Chmielewska, project manager of KPT ScaleUP powered by Poland Prize. "We offer such startups up to EUR 66,000 of non-refundable equity free grant. Plus, at the very beginning we provide direct cooperation with a large industrial company that is our partner" - adds Małgorzata Chmielewska.

Recruitment for KPT ScaleUP will last until April 15th 

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Recruitment form, regulations and all the information regarding acceleration can be found here