Slovenia's presidency of the European Union successfully linked with CEUP 2030  

On 20th of December 2021 Pomurje Technology Park, as sponsor of “The Industry 4.0 and Robotic” closing conference promoted the Slovene robotic actors from R&D and industry as well as their achievements, related CEUP2030 activities and thus helping the policy to close Slovenian Presidency to EU successfully.


The conference among other hosted two round tables, one in Manufacturing and one with Slovene policy stakeholders. Due to current health circumstances the event was held in hybrid form with some 20 on-spot participants and over 40 online ones. The event was hosted and moderated by dr. Pierre Padilla of N-ABLE.


The CEUP 2030 project consortium offered two speakers, firstly dr. Tobias Müller from Karlsruhe Technology Institute (KIT) for round table #1 – Manufacturing where there was debate about the intelligent production systems and generally on future of robotics. Next, the round table #2 was with Slovene policy stakeholders, where Roland Sommer from Association Industry 4.0 Austria (PIA) had the opportunity to present good practices and use cases from Austria that at the same time are among CEUP2030 results.



CAMI 4.0 topics were part of both round table debates and where we heard different experiences, also plans of Slovene government on ecosystem development, also bottom-up identified needs seem to be addressed more in the future. The whole set-up of speakers was well selected, and statements as invest in HR/people as robots alone will not work are towards more effective implementation; next, funding sources need to be stable for both, R&D as well as for SMEs thus being able to use the opportunities in most effective way and most of all for best novel solutions to be deployed quickly. Interestingly, from Ministry level representatives we heard a recommendation to follow the Digital radar of EU to get aligned with trends coming which at the same time is addressed topic in CEUP2030 project.