Fostering aligned policies and strategies

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PIA was the coordinator of the third thematic Work Package of CEUP 2030. The main goal of the third an final work package was to bring together and combine all the inputs created through the first two work packages and to bring CEUP 2030 to a close.

There were two major deliverables in Work Package 3: On the one hand, the RIS3 Round Tables were an event format, that was conducted by the project partners in order to talk about the common flagship projects that were designed and delivered throughout the last two years. Through the RIS3 Round Tables, the project partners were able to discuss their topics, the relation of their flagships to regional policies and initiatives and the close potential gaps and find potential blind spots. Apart from the regional events, that took part in all CEUP 2030 regions, four international RIS3 Round Tables were implemented as well. Within the international formats, the exchange of information was enabled and the project partners were able to discuss the progress made through the partnership. In order to find the right target group, associated partners and policymakers were invited to attend the events. Through this approach, alignment among the most important CEUP 2030 stakeholders was created.

While the RIS3 Round Tables were an interactive format that enabled collaboration and exchange, there was – on the other hand – a focus on common strategy building within Work Package 3. Throughout the project, the partners have been working on different flagship projects. Those projects are, of course, in the interest of the regions involved and implemented by the individual partners. However, there are also commonalities and synergies that can be found everywhere in Central Europe. Those commonalities formed the foundation for the Policy Implementation Framework that was created in Work Package 3. The Policy Implementation Framework makes up the foundation for further RIS3 cooperation and alignment as it consists of and connects the individual contributions of the project partners into a strategic perspective.

For all the work that has been done in Work Package 3, the focus was – once again – on interacting with various stakeholders around the CEUP 2030 CAMI 4.0 topics. Local, regional and national public authorities, SMEs, large enterprises, research institutions and business support organizations, all of them were included and interacted with.

As the CEUP 2030 partnership, we believe that the connections built and the progress made through Work Package 3 will enable the long term success of the project.