CIRCE2020: Final Conference

11th September 2020



The webinar was organized on the occasion of the conclusion of CIRCE2020 Project on circular economy, with the purpose to present project results and to speak about circular economy outlooks from the point of view of the different stakeholders involved, considering problems of the current growth model highlighted by this period of emergency.
The project CIRCE2020, involving 5 different countries in Central Europe, aims to facilitate the transition from the linear economic model to the circular one in local productive districts of the project regions involved. Research and pilot actions in specific productive contexts has been carried out together with different communication and dissemination activities, aiming to increase awareness in economic players involved.
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  1. Green Revolution in EU: main features and measures supporting circular economy (Paola Migliorini, DG Environment, European Commission)
  2. CIRCE2020 Project: main features and pilot cases (Omar Gatto, R&D Etra spa - with CIRCE2020 partners’ support)
  3. Outcomes from Central Europe Projects contributing to fostering circular economy. Outlook to programming period 2021-2027 (Claudia Pamperl, Joint Secretariat Interreg Central Europe)
  4. Circular economy in Veneto Region: future opportunities in European Cooperation Programmes (Rita Bertocco, Veneto Region – European Cooperation Unit) 
  5. Industrial sector’s point of view to promote a sustainable post Covid recovery (Gianluca Toschi, Fondazione Nord Est, Centro studi Confindustria Veneto - Industrial trade association) ITA - ENG
  6. The role played by circular economy in SMEs recovery: critical issues and proposals (Sergio Maset, Director of Confartigianato Imprese Veneto -Artisans and small businesses trade association) - NO SLIDE
  7. Circular economy state of the art and outlook, before and after the emergency (Emmanuela Pettinao, Sustainable Development Foundation- Circular Economy & Waste) 
  8. Circular Economy and climate change (Salvatore Martire, Innovation Manager, EIT Climate-KIC Italy)
  9. Circular Economy and dependency from primary resources (Pier Luigi Franceschini, EIT RawMaterials – Italy) 
  10. Resilience in the Covid scenario: opportunities and challenges for the circular economy (Valentina De Marchi – Padova University, Department of Economics and Management & President of GRONEN – Group for Research on Organizations and the Natural Environment )