CityCircle in Potenza (IT) as an international good practice example for the Erasmus + 

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Project @CEDES (Circular Economy as a Development Strategy) invited the Municipality of Udine, one of Citycircle partners, to a three-day event dedicated to circular economy and the exchange of good practices. From 7 to 9 October, the city of Potenza (IT) hosted an international educational meeting involving seven European Countries: Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Poland, Sweden and Spain. 

Nadia Vedova from the Municipality of Udine, explained the goals and activities of CityCircle, focusing on the pilot activities developed in Udine, to the partners of CEDES, a project founded by the European Commission through an Erasmus+ grant.

CEDES engages the employees of the 7 partner organisations, trainers, educators, tutors, nosiness consultants, social entrepreneurs and professionals working in the circular economy field and cross-sector companies operating in the aforementioned Countries.

The news of the international meeting as broadcasted on the Italian Public Broadcasting Service (RAI).