Innovations for more circular world

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Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash  


The Circulars Accelerator is an initiative launched on the base of very successful Circulars Awards programe that has, in the last five years, recieved thousands of project applications and proposals in the field of Coriclar Economy and sustainibility.

The Circulars Accelerator is action-oriented program that supports innovation and is driven by solution seeking initiatives.  It is led by Accenture, in partnership with Anglo American, Ecolab, Schneider Electric and the World Economic Forum and UpLink.

With all the global, national and local programs in place, the world still "eats itself" extracting and wasting valuable resources on the scale that does not always incite optimism. There are many reasons for that, some are objective difficulties of implementing sustainable practices and this is where these kind of initiatives come to life. 

The Accelerator, starting with 2021, has launched a Circulars Accelerator Cohort 2021 that is aimed of finding the best and brightest ideas and innovations to reduce resource wasting and start the proces of "circulasing" our economies, way of thinking and societies. 

The World Economic Forum brings a story with 17 of those innovations and you can read it HERE...