Press the mess in Kranj

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The Earth Day is celebrated annually, for more than fifty years, on April 22. This is an important day as this day reminds us of the vulnerability and uniqueness of the planet we live on. This year's World Earth Day slogan "Let's Rebuild the Earth" symbolized the ever growing need to start the renewal of our planet. World Environment Days are a reminder for all of us to emphasize the importance of individual services and the actions of individuals for a clean environment.

In that spirit, the "Komunala Kranj" municipal waste collection company in the Kranj area in Slovenia handed over first presses for reducing the volume of cans and bottles to the mayors of the communities it serves. The plan is that all users receive such presses to be used at their homes in order to reduce the volume of waste. Smaller volume of packaging waste means a smaller waste container.

 Source: (SLO)