What is "agroecology"

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Sourced: Croplife.org

Climate crisis and wars are endangering food distribution. It is estimated that around a third of human population of Earth did not get enough food in 2020 and that number is increasing each year. There is no single solution for this problem, but great strides could be made with a change of approach to the basic decisions in agriculture.

Come in "agroecology". Agroecology is a term with many definitions, but essentially it is “sustainable farming that works with nature”.  The theory says that, when a synergy between environment, social needs and economy is created and balance achieved, the food production and distribution should become much sustainable and accessible. One of the most important principles is the reestablishment of natural balance in the ecological system.

Through natural processes and avoiding chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers, agroecology reduces the environmental harm of food production while stabilizing yields. It can help address issues caused by existing agricultural systems such as deforestation, water scarcity, soil depletion and increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

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