EU funds driven green investments in Udine

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Citycircle has a real world impact on the communities involved in the project. For example, the project finances a feasibility study concerning the waste and water cycles of Udine, led by the Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Udine. The research analyses features, costs and possible outcomes to create an industrial symbiosis between the purification plants of CAFC (the regional Integrated Water Resources Management) and NET (The regional Waste Management).

The symbiosis could exploit the residual heat, produced from both the waste management and the water resources management purification plant. The residual heat could provide electric and heat energy firstly to the wholesale market Udine Mercati, but also to the south side of the city.

Recently a visit took place to the purification plant of Udine where local stakeholders involved in the CityCircle project met with Giulia Manzan, the council member of Regional Planning, European Projects and Participation, and Salvatore Benigno, the president of CAFC (the regional Integrated Water Resources Management).

"The meeting proves that the CityCircle project, like all other European projects that chose the Municipality of Udine, is an instrument to raise funding and it represents an important opportunity for a cultural leap and for putting together skills and knowledge of all the protagonists of the territory”, said Bruno Grizzaffi, the coordinator of the European Projects and Participation Office. “In conclusion, this meeting assumes a strategic value in order to lay a solid foundation for the next 2021-2027 European programming cycle.”

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