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As part of the 2 ° Green Roof project worth 70,000 euros  prostoRož studio and City Municipality of Kranj renovated 360 square meters of flat roof on Elementary School Stane Žagar. Various types of greenery will occupy 250 square meters, of which 150 will be extensive, 70 perennials and herbs and 30 troughs with edible plants (raspberries, blackberries, vines and strawberries). Pupils will take care of them.

"Such projects are one of the tools in the fight against climate change, but they have not only environmental benefits, but also psychological ones: it feels completely different when a person looks out the window at the greenery: relax, rest. So I think green roofs should be installed on existing buildings that already have large flat roofs, ” said Alenka Korenjak, project manager from the Studio prostoRož.

"Today we are finally at the finish line - although we are just at the beginning, at least as far as green roofs are concerned. We want to continue this trend and there is already a lot of interest in Kranj. The more green roofs in Kranj, the more green plantings and areas , as well as green tourism. We strive for green and sustainable, "said Mayor Matjaž Rakovec at the official handover and handed the students a poster with instructions for successful gardening. Their representative confirmed that they would do their best as guardians and would not disappoint.

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