New survey suggest consumer knowledge is good, but trust in companies needs strenghtening

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

A prominent Norwegian risk management company DNV undertook a survey and concluded that the awareness raising efforts about Circular economy, aimed towards consumers, have been relatively successfull and that their knowledge is growing and attitude is postivie. 

However, the survey finds that in order to foster action and bring on the strategic change, the  "trust" in companies needs strenghtening and that there is a overall lack of innovation and legislation.

The main conclusion is that, while awareness is important, consumer knowledge is crucial. According to the survey, the consumer mostly gather information from media and social media, but also political channels and friends. However only 20% of people included in the study claimed that their information and knowledge about circular economy came from companies. That shows that there is wide area of "room for improvement" especially in the way businesses promote circular economy principles and work actively towards concumers. 

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Source: Circular.