Memorandum of understanding signed in Varaždin

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The Mayor of Varaždin, dr. sc. Ivan Čehok, has signed the Memorandum of understanding between local stakeholders for cooperation in the Citycircle activities. The document will serve as strategic and conceptual basis for creating the incentives for transition towards circular economy. Varaždin is the first city in Croatia that has officially pledged to build more circular future, and this step is a direct result of Citycircle's activities and program.

"This is a great project! The aim is to create the circular flow of goods and services that will minimize the production of waste. We have started with our green market where we collect the green waste to be turned into compost and used as fertilizer. We will continue with the project in the kindergartens in December where we will install the waste-collection device. We are also in contact with several companies on further activities concerning management of rubber and plastic waste. We are also considering to establish a store where food and other items would be sold in in bulk, without plastic wrappings and packaging. The City will also establish a system of encouraging our citizens not to treat textiles as waste. All of these, and other activities will result with the establishment of a hub, a sort of institution that will coordinate and educate citizens and businesses in Varaždin and other cities, on circular transition.", said Mayor Čehok after signing the Memorandum.

The signing event included the presentation of the Circular economy strategy by Gregor Drago Zupančić from The Sustainable technologies development centre Ltd (CROTEH) and the HUB concept by Mr. Emil Ilija Perić from the company „AVEOR.TECH“.