DRAM - a smart way to turn recycled plastics into profit

photo: https://theconversation.com/

Technology is a marvelous thing. Innovation enables us to find new ways of recycling and reusing materials on a different scale. One such example is DRM which is short for "Distributed recycling and additive manufacturing".

In a nutshell, it is a process that introduces a concept of direct, small-scale recycling of plastic wasted without involving the elaborate, complicated, sometimes expensive, and often over-regulated industrial recycling systems we are now accustomed to. In other words, smaller companies, institutions, communities, even citizen s themselves can produce granulated waste plastics and use this resource to make, for example, very cheap filament for diverse types of 3D printers or use some of commercially available equipment to directly produce plastic products.

It is a win-win situation that will become even more attractive as the technology becomes more efficient, cheaper and more widely available. The DRM concept not only reduces plastic waste but encourages people to think of their plastic waste bin at home as a valuable resource for their (possible) small business ventures.

The whole optimistic story is available HERE...

Source - https://theconversation.com/