Riperaj - first reuse, reduce and recycle repairshop in Croatia

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The Croatian  port city of Rijeka is home to first croatian reuse, reduce and recycle workshop named "Riperaj" (from eng. "repair", meaning "a place of repairment, in this form). It is a project of Rijeka's municipal waste management company that was established in 2019. Since then it offers the citizens an opportunity to repair their appliances, furniture, get help and advice and use the available tools in order to keep things they need in working order.

Users don't just come in to have their stuff and appliances repaired - they have to get involved thus acquiring new skills and appreciation for the value of things they repair themselves.  The institution also functions as a knowledge hub on circular economy and sustainability introducing new concepts to the users.

Check out the whole story HERE.... (in Croatian, but you can use translate option).