Student Initiative - SCRIBO makes waste-free Markers made from waste!

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Students from Gymnázium Poštová 9 in Košice did not stand idle despite distance learning, quite the contrary. Within the subject of applied economics, they founded a student company called SCRIBO, which translates to "I write" in latin. With their business recycling strategy, students decided to solve two problems with one product – ecological markers for whiteboards or flipcharts.

The idea was born to one member of the team, whose markers all dried up at home while studying. She needed something that would not dry up. With the idea of ​​saving the planet, they began to look for ways to make markers for whiteboards. The result of this idea are handmade ecological markers made from harmless waste from wax printers.

Although wax printers are economically advantageous, they produce a lot of wax waste. This wax is provided to students by an office in Košice, which until recently disposed of it as waste - but now it is recycled! The wax melts and other ingredients are added - oil and dye, then the mass is poured into molds. The whole production process is fast and students are able to produce 30-40 packages of markers per day. Thanks to their composition, the markers do not dry up, smell and, best of all, the whole body of the marker is used up with no remaining waste. In addition to markers, each package also contains a handmade cloth, which easily wipes the marker off the board without the use of cleaning agents.

The name of the company should therefore encourage people to think about what they use to write with and what impact it has on their environment. The company's logo, in turn, cleverly captures the key essence of these markers - the consumption of the entire mass, without waste. A perfect example of circular economy, what do you say?

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