"Smart Mlaka"  - a smart pilot project in Kranj

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Several local companies and the company Riko have successfully joined forces and knowledge in the pilot project "Smart Mlaka" and developed solutions that follow the guidelines of the Municipality of Kranj in establishing Kranj as a smart city.

The final solution of the mentioned project will enable the collection, display and analysis of data from smart meters (electricity, gas, water), smart sensors for the environment and traffic. This will give the Municipality an insight into the organization, management and challenges of such projects and a model that will also be suitable for implementation in the rest of the municipality and beyond.

The goal is to raise the quality of life of citizens in the neighborhood with useful digital solutions. The companies that united are Riko, d.o.o. (comprehensive technological solutions), 3fs, d.o.o. (niche consulting firm), Iskraemeco, d.d. (sustainable development in the measuring industry), Komunala Kranj, d.o.o. (economic public service), Domplan, d.o.o., Elektro Gorenjska, d.d. (electricity distribution company) and Vigred, d.o.o. (construction and maintenance of public lighting).

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