COMODALCE relevance to the objectives of the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region

2nd December 2020

The COMODALCE project has been labelled as EUSALP relevant by the Action Group no. 4 of the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region.

The EUSALP Action Group 4 Mobility offers a platform to coordinate and harmonise the activities of Alpine regions and countries for a sustainable transport and mobility system. Its mission is to build a common understanding of transport policy and mobility, to define common objectives and to launch specific activities and projects.

The mission of EUSALP AG4 is:

  • to promote inter-modality and interoperability in passenger and freight transport
  • to support the modal shift from road to rail
  • to develop cooperation and greater integration between the existing bodies and structures in the field of transport.

Earlier this year, the EUSALP AG4 received 29 projects to be assessed using a common Assessment Methodology for Individual Projects developed over the previous months by the Action Group.

Three independent evaluators, selected by AG4 members, implemented the methodology and arrived at a total number of 14 projects, including COMODALCE, receiving the EUSALP AG4 Label. In the following, this label can be used to communicate the projects' endorsement by the macroregion to decision-making authorities who are in the position to promote the implementation of the respective project and/or to provide adequate financial support.

Additional information can be downloaded at this link:

Here the official Letter of recommendation