The URBAN INNO project is addressing the CE programme challenge to make CE more inno-vative and competitive by utilizing innovation potential of smaller and medium-sized urban ecosystems. Better linkage of actors of urban innovation ecosystems (public authorities, research organizations, industry) is needed for better use of innovation potentials. Public and private sector recognizes that there is significant gap in the field of PARTICIPATION in innovation processes from the side of people as citizens and of people as users/customers.

To address this issue, quadruple-helix networks will be established in five target regions:

  • Hartberg/Pinkafeld, Austria
  • Kielce, Poland
  • Košice, Slovakia
  • Rijeka, Croatia
  • Vas County, Hungary

A significant step has been taken in all five regions with the establishment of local core teams, tying together the stakeholders which will be in charge of the inception of the new urban innovation clusters or networks in their respective regions. Core team agreements have been drafted and signed, showing the commitment of the members.

The next step is the development of urban innovation roadmaps in the five target regions.