CRIT is an active partner in the H2020 project INEDIT 

INEDIT aims to create an Open Innovation European Do-It-Together (DIT) ecosystem for sustainable furniture co-creation. It channels the creativity of consumers, shapes it through designers’ professional skills, and makes it viable by leveraging on the expertise of production specialists in order to deliver sustainable, smart and personalized new products in a shorter time to market.

The DIT approach will be applied by customers and professional producers, especially SMEs, for conveying higher customer satisfaction through customer-driven production.

INEDIT intends to demonstrate, through its twin – digital and physical – platform, the potential innovation around social manufacturing within the circular economy in designing global while producing local 

Within the INEDIT project, CRIT is currently in charge of the development of a toolbox specifically dedicated to learning and implementing the “Do-It-Together” approach.

The toolbox (to be tested within the INEDIT training activities) is a set of exercises, tests, games and group interactions that has been created and adapted to different kinds of target groups. From students, to young professionals and more experience managers, the same activities could be used in different contexts with a slight modification of the challenges proposed, depending on the number, age and competences of the participants.

Find out more information in the INEDIT Short Project Presentation Video: