Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd.                                                    www.kdriu.hu

CTRIA is a regional innovation agency, member of a nationwide network established by 5 public & semi-public partners in the region. It establishes & provides services via the establishment & operation of a strong cooperation network with regional innovators, other service providers, universities and the business sector, as well as the general community through national & international partnerships. CTRIA manages several projects in the field of e.g. innovation practices, innovation management, knowledge transfer, development & innovation service training, to anchor national and international knowledge and innovation in the region.  It has a full staff of 6 experienced employees and 5 permanent external experts, who have been involved in a wide range of regional, national, and international projects. It also has a network of cooperating institutions and experts who can provide the special knowledge necessary to design and implement specific tasks. This strong regional, national, and international partnership and the portfolio of expertise enable the CTRIA to target different levels of the regional community and business sector. CTRIA has EFQM Committed to Excellence and European Cluster Excellence classification. CTRIA manages several projects concerning innovation practices, innovation management, knowledge transfer, service development, and innovation trainings, which involve national and international knowledge and innovation agents. The Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency aims at providing innovation and innovation support services in Central Transdanubian Region. Our services are primarily targeted at supporting small-and medium-size businesses, regional bridge-building and R&D organizations.

 Experiences in PPI

CTRIA offers services for special interest groups e.g. Start-ups, young entrepreneurs, public procurers. CTRIA knows how to communicate with public procurers and has the network connections. CTRIA has some network access also to start ups and young entrepreneurs who could be potential suppliers of these innovative products or services - International and regional network development, regional cluster management. CTRIA is really strong in international and regional networks management and development having access to many public authorities which could be used for Competence Centres´ Network development -Project development and management skills necessary to successfully lead international project as this one - Strong interest in PPI increase as CTRIA is participating also in another PPI related project Learning4PPI that is currently under evaluation and which focuses on training of public authorities in PPI. CTRIA shows high motivation on PPI increase and can transfer good practices and knowhow from that project also to this project. 

Partner role in project 

CTRIA is the lead partner of the project in charge of Management & Coordination WP. CTRIA will use its wide range of experiences and capacities to support all partners and provide assistance when necessary and will as LP and WP1 leader manages and coordinates the whole project. CTRIA will also perform all activities as regular network project partner. As network project partner CTRIA will be responsible for establishment of PPI Competence Centre in Hungary and for creating linkages with procurers out of project ecosystem and creation of awareness and sustainability of Competence Centre. CTRIA will create PPI2Innovate Map of their region where 8 implementable PPI projects will be identified. One PPI project will be identified to be realized as a pilot with dual piloting partner SMÖ. In cooperation with other PPs CTRIA will create Action plan for our Competence Centre. In thematic WP3 CTRIA will participate as all other PPs at all pilot projects to gain experiences and knowledge trough “learning by doing” concept. CTRIA will have practical experiences from 4 pilot projects on all government levels from different countries and therefore we will be able to provide more sophisticated support of PPI paradigm and will be more successful with our networking activities. CTRIA will also secure the operation of Competence Centre in Hungary for following 3 years after project closure. Benefits for the CTRIA from participation in PPI2Innovate project are in fulfilling the organization goals. PPI2Innovate project is directly related with CTRIA mission. Also gaining new experiences as well as increasing capacities, proficiency, creating linkages and extending CTRIA´s network are interesting benefits.