Press Release on Survey Outputs 

The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, namely Faculty of Economics, together with Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art under the support of the international CerDee project, has finished the processing of data from the survey about ceramics and porcelain industry in Central Europe. The goal of this survey is to create a real and multidimensional image of the ceramics and porcelain industry in Central Europe, to describe its situation, its challenges, opportunities, and perspectives; how it can be the inspiration for the society and what it can offer in the future.

The survey was conducted in 6 EU countries (Czechia, Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovenia) with more than 330 subjects. These subjects were individual entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises, students, educational and cultural institutions, as well as the public sector.

The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (UWB) has published three interactive reports. The first one describes the situation of the industry from the point of view of the private sector - entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses. The second report shows the industry from the point of view of ceramics students in all countries. The last report compares a subset of the answers among individual sectors – SMEs, students, educational, cultural, and public sector.

These three reports are interactive and visualized using the PowerBI tool and are published on the portal Ceramics in Europe; the website These reports are also available on the project partner website

UWB, with cooperation with partners from other countries, has created a Status quo report of the ceramic creative industry and potentials and expectations for each country. Individual country reports are available on the portal Ceramics in Europe and also on the UWB website

This project part also includes the visualized stakeholder database, which is divided according to countries and types of stakeholders' groups. It focuses on private subjects in the ceramic field. The database is designed as extendable, and it will be updated regularly. The project partners will add each relevant subject to the database upon its request. The visualized database is accessible also at Ceramics in Europe

All of these visualized reports and ceramics database form the project output “Comprehensive transnational, publicly accessible visualized assessment report that maps Design and Arts existing settings as well as the potential in the ceramic CCI (TOOL)”.