The book of the 61st Faenza Prize has been published

More than a catalogue, it is a full-bodied book.

The book of the 61st Faenza Prize has been published. Over 200 pages dedicated to the artists selected at the 61st Faenza Prize who unfortunately, due to the health emergency, were unable to put on display their sculptures in the traditional exhibition planned by one of the most important Biennial of Contemporary Art Ceramics in the world.

The works of 56 artists, which were selected at the 61st Faenza Prize, scroll through the pages and are illustrated thanks to a set of large photographs, not only of the selected work but also of the past and most recent works of each artist.

In the book you can find texts by Judith Schwartz, Professor of New York University; Irene Biolchini, MIC guest curator, Claudia Casali, director of MIC Faenza; Ranti Tjan, director of EKWC, Alberto Salvadori, director of ICA Milan

The book is published by Gli Ori, Pistoia. 28 euros

It is available in the best booksellers, in our bookshop and it is possible to preorder it by writing to 

Here is the list of artists


Kerstin Abraham (Germania),  Victor Agius (Malta), Sofia Beça (Portogallo), Nicola Boccini (Italia),  Helmie Brugman (Paesi Bassi), David Casini (Italia), Antonella Cimatti (Italia),  Tommaso Corvi-Mora (Italia),  Nathalie Doyen (Algeria), Laurent Dufour (Francia), Bean Finneran (Stati Uniti), Monika Grycko (Polonia),  Safia Hijos (Francia),  Peter Christian Johnson (Stati Uniti),  Matteo Lucca (Italia), Frank Louis (Germania), Roy Maayan & Erez Maayan (Israele), Yves Malfliet (Belgio),  Lucy Morrow (Irlanda), Makiko Nagai (Giappone), Ekaterina Panikanova (Russia), Paolo Porelli & Maurizio Tittarelli Rubboli (Italia), Stephanie Marie Roos (Germania), Rob Ruimers (Paesi Bassi), Fausto Salvi (Italia), Julian Stair (Regno Unito), Eileen Süssholz (Sud Africa), Tetsuya Tanaka (Giappone), T-yong Chung (Corea del Sud), Tamara Van San (Belgio), Anne-Marie Van Sprang (Paesi Bassi), Wang Lili (Taiwan).


Sofía Aguilera (Regno Unito), Natasja Alers (Paesi Bassi),  Francesco Ardini (Italia), Michaela Benedan (Italia), Giulia Bonora (Italia), Walter Iva Brkic (Serbia), Jovana Cavorovic  (Serbia), Lorenzo Cianchi (Italia),  Ion Fukazawa (Giappone), Elena Gileva (Russia), Julia Himmelmann (Germania), Noemi Iglesias Barrios (Spagna), Lena Kaapke (Germania), Viktória Maróti (Ungheria), Hardiansyah Nur (Indonesia), JP Racca Vammerisse (Francia), Cristina Rutar (Slovenia), Priyanka Sharma (India), Jacqueline Tse (Stati Uniti), Yu Tanaka (Giappone), Christine Yiting Wang (Taiwan), Binji Zhu (Cina), Dawid Żynda (Polonia)