Ceramic Workshop

Porzellanikon Selb, 18 February

To get a general idea about the needs and specific barriers in the ceramic sector Porzellanikon organised a ceramic workshop for stakeholders on February 18 2020 at Porzellanikon Selb.

Beforehand over 300 ceramists, potters, porcelain painters and everyone who is active in the ceramic sector in the region were contacted via various ways. In total 35 participants took part in this unique event. At the beginning a general overview about CerDee was given as well as the key facts and the major objectives for the project time were presented.

Besides, another important part of the day was to gain insight into the actual situation of the ceramic sector. Therefore, the questionnaire developed by the team of the project partner University of West Bohemia was used to learn more. This was an interesting communication tool for all participants. A vibrant communication started and it turned into a discussion where new ideas, problems, and challenges came up.


© Porzellanikon

The planned activities of CerDee were well noted. The need of a common virtual platform, where ceramics will be connected among themselves and the interested public and that will create a big creative ceramic network was much appreciated by the participants as an easy and uncomplicated way to get in contact with each other as well as with specialists. Especially the potential as common marketing tool including the planned e-commerce tool were valued very high. Also the different online libraries and databases of footage about old techniques, important design objects, or handbooks giving guidance for young entrepreneurs were welcomed.

Finally, the participants took part in a guided tour through Porzellanikon.


© Porzellanikon