The European Clusters Alliance (ECA) is a bottom-up initiative gathering 13 National Cluster Associations and other European international cluster networks, representing their common voice, facilitating connections and opportunities to meet the challenges they face, especially in respect to COVID-19 crisis.
 Through the common declaration, ECA calls for the recognition of clusters as a strategic agent for the drafting and implementation of the National Recovery Plans. The declaration brings up several arguments why clusters should be included in the Recovery Plans of the EU Member States. 
Bioeconomy Cluster is a member of the Union of Slovak Clusters, which is part of ECA. According to the joint statement of the Union of Slovak Clusters and its members, clusters should receive more trust, responsibility and power in policy preparation and implementation at national and regional level. In a draft Recovery Plan „Modern and Successful Slovakia“, under the Science, Research and Innovation Pillar, a financial support of innovation clusters is envisaged.