Invitation to the 1st Advisory Group Meeting in Brussels

The ChemMultimodal project aims to promote the multimodal transport of chemical goods in Central Europe. Regional authorities, chemical industry associations and scientific institutions from seven regions in Central and Eastern Europe are working together to improve safety and environmental protection of chemical transports on the one side but also to ensure competitive and economic feasible solutions.  

The project partners want to support chemical companies and logistics service providers in their ambitions to shift transports from road to multimodal. The chemical industry is an important stakeholder in the transport sector and user of multimodal transport. The transport of hazardous goods is also connected to special requirements, which creates additional burdens.

The European Union has defined targets for the increase of multimodal transport in the upcoming years. Actions to reduce CO2 footprint have a high political priority at global, European and national levels. Multimodal transport is often cross-border transport – therefore harmonisation challenges are very important to ensure sound framework conditions. Nevertheless, the reality shows insufficient progress for the modal shift, caused by infrastructure bottlenecks or high competition from road transport.

The first Policy Advisory Group Meeting should give the opportunity to present first results of the ChemMultimodal Project and discuss with representatives from the European Union and interest representations to show opportunities and barriers for multimodal transport in the chemical sector in Europe.  

We invite interested stakeholders to join this discussion and contribute to our objectives. 


9.30 - 10.45 Challenges of European Transport Policy for Promotion of Multimodal Transport

Dr. Jürgen Ude, Secretary of State Ministry of Economy, Science and Digitalisation Saxony-Anhalt 

Transport Policy – Decision Making Process in the European Union
Dr. Alexander Vogt, Transport Advisor, European Parliament 

Current Policy Developments for promotion of multimodal logistics at European Level
Astrid Schlewing, European Commission, DG for Mobility and Transport 

Introduction to Strategy Development of the ChemMultimodal Project
Andreas Fiedler, isw Institute for Structural Policy and Economic Development 

10.45 - 11.15 Coffe Break 

11.15 – 12.30 European Transport Policy from Stakeholder Perspective  European Transport Policy and Multimodal Transport – Requirements from the European Chemical Industry
Jos Verlinden, Cefic 

Chances and Barriers for Multimodal Transport in the European Union 
Akos Ersek, Chief Policy Advisor, International Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport (UIRR) 

Promotion of Multimodal Transport in Europe – Contribution from the Railway and Infrastructure Companies
Dr. Libor Lochman, Executive Director, Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER)

Multimodal Transport and Road Transport in Europe: Competition vs. Cooperation
Marc Bielliet, Head of EU Goods Transport, International Road Transport Union (IRU) 

12.30 – 13.30 Buffet 

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