Transnational Working Group Meeting in Ústí nad Labem

28th and 29th of November, 2018

On 28 and 29 of November, partners of ChemMultimodal met in Ústí nad Labem (CZ). Important topics included the documentation of the tools developed to promote multimodal transport and the elaboration of action plans aiming at mainstreaming achievements in the addressed territories. All elements of the toolbox have been adjusted based on feedback from stakeholders who tested the toolbox in the pilot phase. The IT visualisation tool “Intermodal Links” will be supplemented with additional information on the use selected other platforms to the “Intermodal links” planner as well as expectable future perspectives. The “CO2 calculator” has been improved by adding two new sections to explain the functionality and its methodology to measure CO2 emissions. The revised toolbox element “Consulting service”, which represents a guideline to repeat the successful approaches taken in the pilot phase, will include details about the integration and use of other toolbox elements. The “Planning guidelines” will be made more user-friendly by converting this toolbox element into a checklist format. With the revision of the toolbox, the pilot phase is now finalised. The upcoming project implementation will focus on the preparation of regional action plans which include activities and specific approaches for the partner territories to mainstream the ChemMultimodal Transnational Strategy through action plans. To this end, all partner regions presented their mainstreaming plans and approaches. Furthermore, the two final events, the 3rd Policy Advisory Group meeting and the final dissemination event of the project, were planned. The 3rd PAG meeting will take place on 6th and 7th March in Brussels. The final dissemination conference will take place on 9th April 2019 Magdeburg (Germany) to present main finding of the project.

Partner meeting part 1, 28th of November