Project CitiEnGov enables Smart lighting as further development of Split as Smart City

10th June 2018

On 10th of June 2018 at 21:00 o’clock, at the Bačvice city area, by touching the tablet, the new smart and energy - efficient public lighting was put in service.

In the streets Šetalište Petra Preradovića, Put Firula, Spinčićeva and Šetalište Kalafata, 82 lamps were installed on 80 pillars, which will save about 8.000,00 € annually.

City of Split employee and Project Coordinator Hrvoje Matas said this is perhaps a small step for the City of Split as an institution, but it is certainly a great step for citizens because it is deep entry into the Smart City sphere with a new system. "About 18,000 square meters covered with new smart lighting which is energy-efficient and economical, controlled remotely with cell phones, tablets, computers. The idea was selected as one of the top 35 in the competition of more than 600 submitted", said Matas. 

Deputy Mayor Nino Vela stated that each project that is co-financed with EU funds is a long-term process that learns that stability, perseverance, quality work and compliance with regulations will lead to results. "The City of Split in this project that lasts for three years invested more than 200.000,00 €. Starting this project as the first in Split smart City public lighting, which is actually one of the directions we intend to renew the entire public lighting, all of which is part of a comprehensive project Smart City so that we use our city resources in the wisest way", Vela concluded. 

Director of Elos company who installed the equipment Zoran Samardžić reiterated that energy savings of 80% in the electricity consumption have been achieved, and that this project has placed itself at the very top of the quality of public lighting in Croatia. "Though this is a small project, such projects have so far been rare, and public lighting renovation is underway. These are the latest Philips luminaires that are manageable over a GPRS network that enables control of work and consumption", Samardžić added.