CitiEnGov will join the GeoSmartCity Workshop in Reggio Emilia (Italy)

21st February 2017, Reggio Emilia (Italy)

GeoSmartCity workshop will take place in Reggio-Emilia on 21st February 2017. The workshop has been organized by the Municipality of Reggio-Emilia for showing the results of GeoSmartCity project at local level.

Given the synergies between the CitiEnGov and GeoSmartCity projects related to some topics and activities - energy data and energy consumptions in buildings - CitiEngov will participate to the workshop and this event will be the starting point for the implementation of Energy Cafès on Emilia-Romagna Region territory. Energy Cafès will allow to disseminate CitiEnGov project results, give information about initiatives and incentives on sustainable and low carbon energy policies and raising awareness of citizens among energy efficiency issues.

GeoSmartCity workshop programme (in Italian language only)

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