City of Split through the EU project CitiEnGov set Green smart public lighting

The CitiEnGov project has enabled the City of Split to set up modern and energy-efficient, Green smart public lighting in Split, in the streets: Šetalište Petra Preradovića, Put Firula, Spinčićeva and Šetalište Kalafata. A total of 82 new LED lamps have been installed with the built-in control module for remote control of each lamp individually. The module communicates via a GSM network with a computer system that is available to city administration employees in charge of public lighting. The system is available through a computer, tablet or mobile phone 24 hours a day. It is also possible to display the state of the lights and the lighting position of the lights. The system allows centralized continuous remote and lighting control, group and individually, with unlimited number of changes overnight, light intensity control ranging from 0% to 100%, it has two-way communication on the status of a particular lamp, consumption information in the selected period for one or for the group of lamps and the current status of each lamp.

The value of the installed equipment and works are in total 72.500,00 €, with 85% of which is financed by the European Regional Development Fund, 9% by the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union funds and 6% by the City of Split. It is estimated that the annual savings by this project for 82 lamps will be about 8.000,00 €. There will also be a reduction of 11.5 tons of CO₂ per year in terms of the previous state, which is also very important in the environmental terms.

Built-in lamps conform to Croatian and European road lighting standards and have IP66 protection against atmospheric influences. They are also in compliance with the Law on light pollution protection, and the color temperature of the light is 3000K. Contracted service provider delivered 10-Year Warranty for delivered equipment, which also leads to reduced maintenance costs.

This project enables the City of Split to use energy efficiency and renewable energy sources as a step towards more efficient management of energy resources that Split has, as well as achieving energy savings through energy efficiency measures. It is also a new element added to the overall image of Split as a Smart City.

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