Energy Workshop in Weiz (Austria)

24th-25th August 2017, Innovation Centre of Weiz

In the frame of the pilot action „Launch of a One Stop Shop Energy Service Center“ a 1st transnational info & training session will take place in Austria. The ENERGY WORKSHOP offers theoretical and practical information regarding ecological building and energy efficiency as well as mobility and awarness raising. The aim is to do active knowledge-transfer on energy-related issues on transnational level. The workshop lasts two days and takes place on 24th and 25th August 2017 in the city of Weiz (AT).

For further information please contact the Austrian host:
Bernadette Karner
Project Management
Telephone: +43 (3172) 603-1123
Dijana Loder
Project Assistant
Telephone: +43 (3172) 603-1124