First intermediary meeting of the Eco Citizenship Award in Ludwigsburg 

Ludwisburg (DE), 16 September 2017

The first official intermediary meeting of the Eco Citizenship Award in Ludwigsburg held place on 16/9/2017 within CitiEnGov project. The City of Ludwigsburg is very famous for its concepts in sustainable governance – with its integrated energy and climate protection concept, with its Information centre “Wissenszentrum Energie” and with its Masterplan Energy as part of an integrated Urban Development Strategy. The Local energy agency (LEA) as an important partner provides energy consultancy for the citizens and further cooperation.

The ten households who have been elected to join the Eco Citizenship Award will meet each other in all together six intermediary meetings about heating and cooling, about airing, about energy and water saving and waste avoidance and about sustainable mobility and consumption. They will have to reflect their behavior for the next 19 months.

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