Presentation of Piero Pelizzaro's book on resilient cities in Ferrara (Italy)

22nd March 2017, Energy Cafè in Ferrara

SIPRO Development Agency, in cooperation with the Center for Education to Sustainability-Centro IDEA and the University of Ferrara, has organized the presentation of "La città resiliente", the new book of Piero Pelizzaro - expert about climate change and resilience. The event is related to Energy Cafè activities.


The book deals with the climate change challenges, urban resilient actions and strategies implemented in Italian cities and experiences from cities around the world.

Mr. Pelizzaro has several years of experience in climate change policies and adaptation planning and is Co-Founder of Climalia, the first start-up company providing climate services in Italy, where he operates as Resilient Specialist. Currently he is an external consultant for the Italian Ministry of Environment Land and Sea for training activities on Urban Adaptation Policy to Climate Change.
He writes for different specialised magazines and web-portals on climate change issues.