Agenzia regionale per la prevenzione, l'ambiente e l'energia dell'Emilia-Romagna  (ARPAE)

Arpae is an environmental control technical body which supports local authorities in protecting health, ecosystems and territorial safety in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. It's activities cover all aspects concerning environmental control, including monitoring of environmental components, surveillance of human activities and their impacts, environmental impact assessment of plans and projects, creation and management of a regional environmental information system.


Arpae will contribute to the project with the definition of a methodological framework focusing on linking mobility plans to the improvement of air quality and in particular on new data collection and management approaches, which will take the form of guidelines. The Italian agency will capitalise its knowledge and experience acquired during the AWAIR Interreg project in using cutting edge monitoring systems, such as sensor based instruments.

Mixed networks (i.e. reference grade together with mobile monitoring, sensor based systems, drones, personal monitoring, etc.) are the way to achieve high-resolution air quality assessment required to analyse benefits related to traffic restrictions and/or to the adoption of new choices in terms of mobility. In particular Arpae will support the municipality of Parma in assessing the impact of Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVARs) in its urban area.

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Contact Person: Stefano Zauli Sajani (szauli@arpae.it).
Homepage: https://www.arpae.it/