City of Budapest

BKK Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) is the integrated urban mobility manager in Budapest, which is the 14th biggest city in Europe with 1.7 million inhabitants. Since 2010, BKK has been operating between the Municipality of Budapest and local transport operators. As the capital of Hungary, Budapest has a 4,500 km-long road network with 1,000 traffic signalled intersections, as well as a large public transport network of 3,300 km with almost 2,200 vehicles in operation on a daily basis. 


BKK is also responsible for the BMT Budapest Mobility Plan, which is the first SUMP-based mobility strategy of Budapest for the period between 2014 and 2030. The mobility plan is in line with the EU White Paper, the National Transport Strategy, and the Budapest 2030 Urban Development Concept.

The BMT specifies a large number of measures related to the sustainable development of public transport. An important intervention area of BMT is the development of an integrated public transport system. In line with this goal, the main task of BKK in Dynaxibility4CE project is to develop a MaaS action plan for Budapest.

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