City of Graz

The 320.000 inhabitant capital of Styria in the second largest city of Austria. The Cultural Capital of Europe of 2003 is an important centre for education, business, arts and culture. Thanks to its eight universities and the UNESCO World Heritage city centre, it is a significant destination for tourists and students from all over Europe.

City of Graz

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Within the project Dynaxibility4CE, the City of Graz aims to develop further the local and regional strategy on Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Part of this strategy is a multi-stakeholder-process for the Functional Urban Area (FUA) of Graz, which was initiated within the CE project SOLEZ. The main goals are to test new multi-level-governance and participative multi-stakeholder approaches for a joint development of a regional MaaS implementation strategy. In addition, the City of Graz aims to update the existing public transport app “GrazMobil". The aim is to create a state-of-the-art MaaS, which is steered by the municipality to offer a convenient alternative to individual car ownership with public transport as the backbone. Desired long-term results are the reduction of motorised individual traffic and associated problems, such as emissions, traffic jams and parking.

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