Improved water maganement for Budapest FUA

Experts of sustainable water management, municipalities and NGOs were gathering in May online to take part on the CWC competence building training. 

The topics of the training embraced the rainwater harvesting in cities water efficiency reuse and losses, as well as the tools of smart water governance. 

The chat wall and sections of questions were filled in with smart discussions. Why can we see this huge difference of water loss in Central Europe compared to the Western countries? (Illegal water use, housing and social reasons) Is there any progress in Hungary in the use of treated sewage? (unfortunatelly, conficts of interests of the different actors doesnt help, the water reuse is decreasing) Who is the head decision maker body in the topic? (Different ministries are affected, cooperation is essential)

Budapest participants

After the webinar a follow up questionnaire was circulated amongst the participants. The feebacks will contribute to the creation of the FUA-level visions and water management strategies. 

The presentations in Hungarian are availabe under the Digital Learning Resources

 The webinar was organized by the Budapest Sewage Networks Ltd.