Visions and strategy of sustainable water management in Turin

On the mornings of May 6 and 7, 2020, the Competence building workshop for Torino FUA stakeholders was held online, with the participation of 37 people.

Turin - FUA WS1

The first morning was devoted to a webinar on CWC topics: Water governance, Water efficiency and losses reduction, Rain water collection, Grey water reuse. On the second morning we initiated a codesign process to build a Torino FUA water management strategy with the stakeholders.
Through the active involvement of the stakeholders, we drafted a vision for 2030 and we began to think about strategies to reach the vision. The work will be continued in the next stakeholder group meeting in June.
We were afraid that shifting the meeting online could result in a not so effective participation, but the workshop was indeed quite successful, also according to the participants: in the evaluation, the average scores obtained from the participants on a scale from 1 to 10 are:

-8.9 overall satisfaction for the utility of the workshop
-8.8 productivity of the interactive modality
-9.5 friendliness of the online modality
-8.7 satisfaction for the technical content of the workshop

The workshop was organized by Poliedra in co-operation with Torino City