Conclusio 2018 & Outlook to 2019

Pinkafeld, 15. January 2019

The year 2018 was active and productive for the digitalLIFE4CE project. The whole project partnership worked on implementing the first innovative project outputs and the project made a good progress toward the aim to make the healthcare systems in Central Europe more competitive.

It is time, to proudly share our highlights and achieved results of the digitalLIFE4CE project:

  • The digitalLIFE4CE project generated an online “Visualisation Toolbox” for mapping and visualize of integrated digital healthcare solutions. An effective and well-implemented Visualisation tool was developed and is used as a matchmaking system for transferring excellent digital healthcare solutions.
  • The newly “learning hub” is an innovative learning platform. So far, 111 external participants have joined the platform and have been trained in the 7 different thematic sessions.
  • All in all the partners generated 9 regional action plans and one joint strategy. The aim of the joint strategy is to foster the digital healthcare innovation potential of Central Europe.
  • Moreover, partnership started to implement seven “network alliances” to foster comprehensive healthcare systems solutions in Central Europe. The project partners and experts work on following topics:
    • Connected Health & Network Building,
    • Digitalisation for Healthcare Management,
    • Digitalisation for Health Promotion and Prevention,
    • Data Security,
    • Digital Assistance in Healthcare Delivery,
    • Big Data & digital Health Trends,
    • Technical & Organisational Infrastructure for Integrated Digital Healthcare.
  • The implementation of the “Healthcare Excellence Spots” started, the CEDHES Hubs aims to lead to 7 edge pilot demo cases and 14 transfer and cooperation actions. The first CEDHES results will be finalized in spring 2019.

At this point, we would like to thank all our cooperation partners for the good collaboration within the digitalLIFE4CE project! We are looking forward to a great new year 2019, with lots of challenges, productive work and excellent results.

by Alexandra Weghofer