Symposium transport services in the border-triangle in Zittau, Germany

The development of railway services and infrastructure in the border triangle of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic and the connection to the Trans-European Transport Network with the junction Görlitz / Zgorzelec has great importance for the region. Especially the north-south axis from Berlin via Cottbus, Görlitz, Zittau and Liberec to Prague as well as the connection from Dresden via Görlitz to Breslau are decisive for sustainable development of the Euroregion Neiße.

Impressionen border-triangle

On 12th February 2019, KORID LK, spol.s.r.o. organised the symposium “The border triangle is not the end of line” to present and discuss the possibilities of connecting the people of the border triangle to the European railway network. The demand for cross-border railway connections is present in the region and is disadvantaged by the fact, that the national railway infrastructure companies for their own national territory pursue the development of infrastructure.

Representatives of ministries, district administrations, cities, railway companies from the three countries and the car manufacturer Skoda, attended the transport conference. Our local partners of TRANS-BORDERS presented the visions of rail transport in the German-Polish-Czech border region:

Agniezska Zakęs
Lower Silesia – Marshal`s Office of Lower Silesia, Department Infrastructure

experiences in the planning and implementation of a transport offer in the Polish-Czech-German cross-border area

Maciej Zathey
Institute for Territorial Development (Instytut Rozwoju Terytorialnego Wrocław)

social, economic and ecological determinants of development in the Polish-Czech-German border region through transport links

Pavel Blažek
KORID LK, Public transport coordinator district Liberec

Tomáš Vaško
District of Liberec, Department of Spatial Planning and Building Regulations

train connection Prague - Liberec - Görlitz

  • visions of the fast rail connection to the TEN-T junctions
  • Integration to the Territorial Planning Documentation of the Liberec Region

Christopher Menhert
Transport Association Upper Lusatia / Lower Silesia

Dr. Robert Koch
Regional Planning Federation Upper Lusatia - Lower Silesia

strategies for cross-border spatial and transport development in the Euroregion Neisse

Radek Čech
Railway Infrastructure Management, Director of Strategy Division

Feasibility study of the train connection Prague - Liberec and presentation of project options
Symposium Zittau

A memorandum is to be drawn up by summer 2019 and handed over to the national administrations. The memorandum should call for the region to be connected to the trans-European railway network and thus for the development of the region's infrastructure. Among the focal points is the construction of a continuous high-speed connection from Prague via Liberec, Zittau and Görlitz to Berlin and the rapid electrification of the connection from Dresden via Bautzen and Löbau to Görlitz. Poland will soon be electrifying the last section of the track from Zgorzelec to Breslau.

Plannings for the development of rail insfrastructure

In addition, the partners in the memorandum intend to commit themselves to incorporate the wishes into their spatial planning and to form a joint task force, which will give continuous emphasis to the demands of the regional cross-border transport services.