Creation of Local Vision in Albenga

24 May 2018 | Albenga (Italy)

On the 3rd and the 24th of February 2018, Albenga’s stakeholders came together to discuss and draft the NPA Local Vision. The first of the two workshops was the first real opportunity of having the representatives of the community discussing together and reflecting on the mid- long-term objectives they attribute to the NPA project, and thus drafting a common strategic Local Vision.

The second meeting had the objective of continuing the discussion, and of agreeing the main areas and actions to be included in the NPA Local Vision. The representatives of the community deepened their reflection on the mid- long-term objectives of the strategic Local Vision, which resulted in a set of actions to be undertaken in the future.

During the workshops, a video shooting took place in order to document the work undertaken by the stakeholders, and to gather their thoughts and impressions on the work undertaken within the framework of the NPA Project. The video, produced by a professional organisation supported by a local VET centre specialising in visual productions, will be soon available on the NPA project website.