Cultural heritage workshop with secondary school students

Author: Teja Komel Klepec, ZRC SAZU


The heritage of St. Martin’s cult in contemporary life is ubiquitous; however, the question is on one hand how to value it, to understand it, to interpret it and to utilize it in order to meet contemporary challenges, and, on the other hand, how to involve young people in this very process. ZRC SAZU has organized workshop in one of Slovenian secondary school with an aim to understand what young people and teens 17-18 years old imagine under the concept of cultural heritage as well as how to bring this  heritage closer to them.   

Some of instructive answers for a better presentation and/or promotion of cultural and historical heritage include:

  • use of social networks (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook);
  • preparation of videos;
  • upgrading the local heritage with examples from other backgrounds;
  • accumulation and use of knowledge of heritage from other places to better see for what a particular heritage is unique, special and different;
  • promotion through the use of games and smartphone applications;
  • development of applications in school subjects (Informatics, Robotics);
  • promotion through workshops so that students can be more actively involved in the  interpretation of heritage and of its promotion.