Customised Mix of Materials for three-dimensional Micro- and Nanostructure

Researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Carl Zeiss AG developed an efficient process to print three-dimensional structures from different materials on the micrometre and nanometre scales. The scientists integrated a microfluidic chamber into a 3D laser lithography device and used the system to produce multi-coloured fluorescent security features from seven different fluids: a non-fluorescent photoresist as backbone, two photoresists with different fluorescent quantum points, two photoresists with different fluorescent dyes, and two developer fluids. The fluorescent security features can be applied to protect banknotes, documents and branded products against counterfeiting. “The developed system paves the way towards multi-material Additive Manufacture on the micro- and nanoscale”, states Professor Martin Wegener, head of the working group.

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Copyright Image: © Frederik Mayer, INT/KIT