Half of the office and hospital staff in Litoměřice travel to work by car

The city wants to change it.

The Municipal Office in Litoměřice, together with the hospital, participated in a project MOVECIT. The initial survey among employees of both institutions showed, for example, that half of them choose a car on a journey between two and five kilometres long. The data will help both the office and the hospital to propose measures to change the situation.

Individual car transport is a problem for cities. Public space is not inflatable, and hence the need to find a way to motivate people to make more use bicycles or public transport needs to be.

Nearly four hundred hospital staff and three quarters of Litoměřice officials were involved in the survey. The results of the two questionnaires show that a significant part of those who are traveling by car at least twice a week are considering a bicycle as an alternative means of transport. But while in a hospital it is a quarter of such people, it's ten percent less in the city office, even though office workers typically have 1 km shorter way to work than hospital staff. The obstacle for most employees is that their work lacks safe place for a bike, and in the case of the office also a dressing room and a shower.

The public transport has a great potential for relieving individual car transport at Municipal Office in Litoměřice. Ten percent of those who drive at least twice a week by car would choose it. But for this to happen, it would have to shorten travel time and improve continuity of lines. The reduction in the number of cars would also be partly contributed by the carpool to which would join seven percent of the respondents.

The survey will help project managers to work on mobility plans for both the office and the hospital. With this information, they know what exactly need to be addressed.

If and how many measures have worked, it will be clear next summer when the survey is repeated.

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