DEX Innovation Centre

DEX Innovation Centre (DEX IC) is a non-profit innovation centre operating in 4 domains: Research and innovation support, Entrepreneurship support, Building of Infrastructure fostering Innovations and ICT innovative solutions and products deployment. DEX IC is capitalizing the experiences of its establishing members (Czech DEX and AIEC) in the field of innovation activities including results of transnational cooperation projects developed and/or led by these organizations.

Partner role in the PPI2Innovate project

DEX IC will coordinate WPCommunication and TWP2 in project. It will contribute to definition of PPI2Innovate package and will customize it for CZE. DEX IC will capitalize its knowledge from coordinating of PPP4Broadband project. It will establish Competence Centre, develop PPI2Innovate map, create awareness about topic across potential PPI procurers in CZE and also participate actively in implementation of 4 pilots.

DEX IC objective is to operate National Competence Centre for PPI where they see strong complementarity with Centre of Excellence for PPP4Broadband that they are building inside of their organization as transfer from PPP4Broadband SEE TCP project. In both cases DEX IC main stakeholders are procurers at local or regional level, since there is significant overlap between both topics. Broadband is an enabling infrastructure for smart technologies, which can and should be procured using PPI. General innovation support and innovative ICT solutions, services and products cover 2 out of 4 DEXIC’ pillars, and as these are fully tackled by the proposed project, we trust that the project will thanks to its complementarity contribute to DEX IC long term goals.

DEXIC doesn’t have practical experience from PPI procurement design and thus their aim is to build capacities in PPI through project, cooperation with partners experienced in PPI and also through learning by doing process during implementation of 4 pilots. DEX IC aim is also to create awareness and to offer useful and practical tools about PPI to the public procurers on national as well as regional level and thus to strongly contribute to more frequent usage of PPI in Czech Republic.